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Anniversary 2018: 40 years of KRONEN - 40 years of experience and innovation for the food industry

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A glance at 2017…

The KRONEN GmbH closes the business year successfully by expecting a growth in revenues of about 9 percent, by increasing the staff to 100 employees and by recording even several innovations and highlights.

To name just some of them: the first GEWA washing machine with self-cleaning water filter in January, our international seminar ‘Fresh Vegetable Processing’ in Bogota/Columbia and the introduction of the GEWA XL washing machine, both in July, the first KRONEN networking meeting in Bremerhaven/Germany in August as well as the fresh re-design of one of our bestsellers: the belt cutting machine GS 10-2 in October.

And not to forget: The successful launch of the vegetable spiral cutting machine Spirello 150 – with it KRONEN had once more perceived the need of the market and had been the first developing a solution which can process many different kinds and sizes of products. Thus, no surprise Spirello 150 finds big demand and has become a real success product: KRONEN will deliver the serial number 220 Spirello by the end of the year!

A glance at 2018…

Looking back we can indeed be full of positive anticipation when it comes to the year of 2018, which will be a special one for KRONEN GmbH. We will celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and 20 years of Zillgith/KRONEN – in 1978 KRONEN GmbH was founded and in 1998 KRONEN was taken over by Rudolf Hans Zillgith as the Managing Director.

Today, 20 respectively 40 years later, KRONEN is a globally operating supplier of machines and systems for the catering, specialty foods, fresh-cut and food industry with representatives in more than 60 countries. KRONEN products are delivered in over 100 countries.

We put high efforts in guaranteeing best quality, but also in delivering individual solutions adapted to the demands of the customer in an optimum way. We consider ourselves a partner for our customers and offer consulting and planning in close cooperation with our suppliers and research institutions from Germany and around the world.

In 2018 and beyond it remains the target of KRONEN to move on with innovations for our customers’ purposes and benefit. By this, we want to extend our position as a worldwide leading producer and supplier of machines and complete processing lines.

Save the date:

In our newsletter we will keep you up-to-date on our highlights in 2018. Also, visit our KRONEN stand, e.g. at Fruit Logistica from February 7–9, 2018 – you will receive our invitation in the beginning of the new year!

Besides, it would be our grand pleasure to welcome you as a guest at the KRONEN Anniversary Customer Days from the evening of September 27 to September 28. Save the date already!

In 2018 we take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for the partnership and collaboration with you, which made 40 years of KRONEN happen. Join us and celebrate with us!

New product: Vegetable rice - Various processing options with the KUJ V

CAULIFLOWER-BROCCOLI-RICE_014_Detail_P_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The cooking and eating habits have been changing over the past years. Healthy nutrition has come to the fore more and more. This includes the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Furthermore the convenience sector gains importance.

One new trend, which came to the centre of attention at the PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans, USA, from October 20-21, is the so-called vegetable rice, namely Broccoli and Cauliflower stems or also carrots cut in smallest pieces and resembling rice.

The KUJ V can make it

Such vegetable rice can be processed with the KRONEN cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V in a very easy and quick way. Hence, you can cut small, oblong vegetable cubes using various alignments such as a format of 3 x 3 x 5 mm.

Once more KRONEN fulfils the need of the convenience and fresh-cut industry by making the optimum production of another promising fresh vegetable product possible.

In the short video you can see how it works.

Cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V

The KRONEN high performance cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V cuts vegetables, fruit, fish slices from 2 to 12 mm, strips from 2 to 20 mm and cubes of 3 mm up to 20 mm in exact and perfect cutting quality – in a single operation.

Here you can find: all benefits and technical information about KUJ V. We are looking forward to consult you and to answer your inquiry!

Meet KRONEN worldwide – at international trade shows

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Even several important trade fairs for the salad, fruit and vegetable processing industry took place in various countries around the world in the last few months.

KRONEN GmbH has a network of representatives in more than 60 countries and delivers its products to more than 100 countries around the world. Thus, the company is of course present at the international trade shows and displays a machinery program with live demonstrations at the stand – which is specifically targeted to the respective market and the visitors of each show.

With great interest, numerous visitors took advantage of the information and presentations of our KRONEN machines. We are very pleased about the good response and the opportunity to make new contacts, but also to intensify existing customer relationships!

International KRONEN exhibition highlights took place in

  • Russia, Kiev: INPRODMASH 12 – 14 September 2017
  • Great Britain, Peterborough: UK INDUSTRY PRODUCE FAIR 12 – 14 September 2017
  • USA, Las Vegas: PACK EXPO 25 – 27 September 2017
  • Peru, Lima: EXPO ALIMENTARIA 27 – 29 September 2017
  • India, Mumbai: FOOD PROCESSING TECH ASIA 3 – 5 October 2017
  • Russia, Moscow: GOLDEN AUTUMN 4 – 7 October 2017
  • Germany, Cologne: ANUGA FOOD 7 – 11 October 2017
  • Russia, Moscow: AGROPRODMASH 9 – 13 October 2017
  • Spain, Madrid: FRUIT ATTRACTION 18 – 20 October 2017
  • USA, New Orleans: PMA FRESH SUMMIT 20 – 21 October 2017
  • UAE, Dubai: GULFOOD MANUFACTURING 31 October – 2 November 2017

First time at GULFOOD MANUFACTURING in Dubai

After participating in the German pavilion at Guldfood in February for many years, this year for the first time KRONEN GmbH exhibited at the GULFOOD MANUFACTURING show in November being part of the stand of the KRONEN partner for the region KAYDEE Solutions.

Visitors from 40 countries – among them many from Saudi Arabia – were interested in our exhibits. To them we could present our SPIRELLO 150, the new vegetable spiral cutting machine, as well as a portfolio of machines which are already well renown and much used also in this region: the belt cutting machine GS 10-2, the spin dryer for vegetables and salads K50-7S, the potatoes peeling machine PL40K as well as the manual grid cutter HGW and the apple peeler AS4.

Visit us at our stand, too – at one of the next events:

  • France, Lyon: CFIA vom 21 – 23 November 2017
  • Georgia, Tbilisi: Agro Food Drink Tech 30 November – 2 December 2017
  • USA, Grand Rapids: Great Lakes EXPO 5 – 7 December 2017
  • Germany, Berlin: FRUIT LOGISTICA 7 – 9 February 2018

The international KRONEN team is looking forward to meeting you!

KRONEN Anniversary calendar 2018

Kalender_2018_00_Titel | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


For the upcoming double anniversary, „40 Years of KRONEN and 20 years of Zillgith/KRONEN“, we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story:

The Sales organisation that brings in the orders. Supported by Design, Production and Logistics that prepare and execute the orders. Quality Assurance as the guarantor for compliance with our high standards, and not least Shipping that ensures safe transport. Together with other departments, such as Electrical, IT, Purchasing, Marketing and others, all ensure a smooth workflow so that our customers receive their machines on time and in the proven KRONEN quality. Our customers can rely on good and dependible support over many years; this is guaranteed by our Customer Service organisation in Germany, and by our partners in more than 90 countries around the world.

This calendar is an expression of our love of detail and our many years of experience. Experience 12 portraits, brilliantly captured with the camera by Jörg Wilhelm and perfectly designed and staged by Ulrich Siefert.

The KRONEN Anniversary Calendar 2018 (48 x 36 cm) can be purchased from now on for a price of EUR 19.50 net, plus shipping costs.

First KRONEN network meeting in Bremerhaven (Germany)

Netzwerk_Bremerhaven_Aug2017_1_WEB.jpg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The very first KRONEN network meeting was held in cooperation with Wolfgang Blum Consulting in Bremerhaven on 10 - 11 August 2017.

With the focus on networking the decision-makers from HORECA (hotel and catering industry) with the convenience industry, a very attractive program was put together and offered.

A forum of interaction and enough space for exchange was offered during the joint company visits on site:

VITAL salads and more ..., Transgourmet Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG, Restaurant "Nordsee" in the Columbus Center Bremerhaven, Heinrich Abelmann GmbH.

Also the culinary services enriched this meeting to a special extent.

All 14 participants agreed that such a network event was overdue.

The mixture of manufactory and industry was excellently received by the competent participants from the different divisions.

SYNERGY SYSTEMS Customer Days in The Netherlands on 7 / 8 September 2017

Synergy_Systems_3Partner_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Our KRONEN representation SYNERGY SYSTEMS B.V. for The Netherlands and BE-Flanders (since May 1, 2017) organized for the first time CUSTOMER DAYS on 7 and 8 September 2017.

SYNERGY SYSTEMS presents LIVE numerous machines from the entire range of machines and offers the opportunity to meet and exchange on a professional and personal level.

For further information please click here.

Please register directly at:


Sprendlingenpark 23

NL-5061 JT Oisterwijk



Phone +31 (0)85 049 17 60

We are looking forward to your participation!

These novelties will be presented:
  • KRONEN GmbH, DE-Kehl
    • K650 High capacity centrifuge
    • complete processing line for salads/vegetables, consisting of KRONEN machines for cutting, washing, mixing, drying and HITEC de-watering and drying systems
  • MARCO Integrated Weighing B.V., NL-Oisterwijk
    • Packaging line with weighing system and YCM software for convenience products
    • MARCO "Intellyveyor" Multi-layer conveyor system with weighing systems, integrated into a complete line for manual small packages of grapes and berries
  • HITEC Foodsystems B.V., NL-Zwolle
    • Teflon contact grilll
    • BDS Belt Drying System
    • CoolDry Air Drying System

KRONEN employees support the campaign 'Unity.Justice.Freedom'

Kronen_E.R.F.-wvibKampagne_Juli2017_o_rgb_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Since March 2017, people from our region have been voting for the campaign "Einigkeit.Recht.Freiheit." (Unity.Justice.Freedom), initiated by the Trade Association of Industrial Enterprises in Baden (wvib). The supporters want to inspire achievements that are no longer self-evident today: freedom of democracy, social market economy and a united Europe.

KRONEN employees also supported the wvib campaign "Einigkeit.Recht.Freiheit." and gathered for the photo session.

KRONEN Seminar in Bogota, Colombia: 'Fresh Vegetables Processing'

Seminar_Bogota_Juli2017 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The seminar on “Fresh Vegetables Processing in Latin America" was held this year on 13 July 2017 for the second time by KRONEN in collaboration with the Colombian KRONEN agency JUAN NEUSTADTEL SAS at the Corferias Center in the capital Bogota.

More than 80 visitors from all over Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile participated in this meeting to find out about new technologies and tendencies in the Freshcut market.

Following these interesting lectures, the seminar participants attended the exhibition booth of JUAN NEUSTADTEL at the trade fair EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA. There, they experienced LIVE demos of various KRONEN machines:

GS 10-2 Belt cutting machine, KUJ V Dice, strip & slice cutting machine, AMS 220 Pineapple melon peeler, UP 350 Packaging machine and the K50-100S Spin dryer.

For a first-hand information exchange, many of the international seminar participants used the offer the following day and visited producers with KRONEN processing lines on site.

The event was rounded off by a dinner together with a show.

High capacity potato processing line: Delivery to the Russian supermarket chain LENTA

Kartoffellinie_PL40_Lenta_D_o_rgb_2017_053_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Up to 600 kilograms of potatoes per hour are produced by the new KRONEN potato processing line, which recently has been put into operation at the LENTA supermarket chain in St. Petersburg.

LENTA is one of the largest retail chains in Russia and the country's second largest hypermarket chain. LENTA operates 195 hypermarkets in 78 cities across Russia and 53 supermarkets in the Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and the Central region.

FFor launching their new product portfolio of cleaned, ready-cut and vacuum-packed vegetables such as carrots, beetroot - as well as potatoes in different shapes and various packing sizes – LENTA was looking for the best option of a cost-effective and automatic manufacturing process. With this in mind LENTA approached KRONEN in conjunction with the Russian KRONEN representative INDUSTRIAL NUTRITION to help optimize the pre-preparation of this kind of products. By designing and installing this processing line KRONEN & INDUSTRIAL NUTRITION have made it possible for LENTA to achieve optimum product quality, minimum waste and maximum flexibility.

Individual elements of the potato processing line are:

Peeled potatoes will then be transferred directly onto a KRONEN cutting machine. There are two machine options:

Moreover, both cutting machines offer the big advantage of being mobile and they are, therefore, extremely flexible and can be used at different locations along the line.

Actually, this potato production line has been integrated into a KRONEN washing line which already has been delivered to LENTA last year. The washing line consists of a GEWA 3800 V ECO washing machine and 2 spin dryers K50-7 ECO in combination with a useful and practical basket carousel.

If you also have special requirements and want to go new ways in the food industry, please contact us. We are happy to advise you and look forward to your REQUEST.

Left: Daria Lutskaya, Managing Director INDUSTRIAL NUTRITION Right: Robert Reisig, Export Area Manager KRONEN (Russian market) Picture: Kathrin Benz (KRONEN GmbH)

KRONEN raffle: The winners are named

Gewinner_Herr_Pipper_und_Herr_Kluth | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The participation in our KRONEN raffle was outstanding and, once again, confirms the popularity of our KRONEN products. We would like to thank all participants!

It was therefore a great pleasure for us to determine the winners of the 10 MAIN PRIZES " grid cutter S195 with individual tools".

Our sincere congratulations to the winners who all have been informed in the meantime. Thank you for the pictures of the KRONEN Grid cutter S195 abd have fun with the prize.

In addition, 10 high-quality twin-graters from Lurch were raffled, the winners have been notified, too. Picture 1 Matthias Sahr: customer Mr. Pipper and Mr. Kluth Picture 2 Franz Führer: customer Mr. Rommer

LAVES-vocational training: freshcut fruits & vegetables, 26. April 2017, Hannover

Gruppenaufnahme_R_o | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


During the vocational training in Hannover at the Niedersächsischen regional authorities for consumer protection and food safety the subject “freshcut fruits & vegetables – technology, microbiology, monitoring” was presented.

The technology of processing freshcut fuits and vegetables was presented by our Technical Manager Eric Lefebvre as a machine demonstration on the KRONEN belt cutting machine GS 10-2.

Furthermore there were experience reports from a manufacturing company (FRIKONI Food GmbH & Co. KG, consultant Mrs. Stramke) and from the retail sector, for example: EDEKA Minden-Hannover foundation Mr. Marggraf.

Another focus of the vocational training was the microbiological risks from such products, presented by the University Hohenheim, and the possibility of the improvement of the microbiological quality. The company KRONEN provided the university with various machines for research purposes, for instance the water jet cutting machine. We are happy about the good feedback by the food supervisors.

Pictures: Anne Wöhlke (LAVES)

Promotion prize 'Active Citizenship 2017'

BuergerstiftungKehl_Foerderpreis2017_15Mai2017_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The "Bürgerstiftung Kehl" (civic foundation) receives the promotion price "Active Citizenship 2017", which has been awarded since 1998 to non-profit organizations. In this way, the initiative of the Bürgerstiftung in cooperation with the local companies is honored for the qualification of young refugees.

KRONEN also supports this project as a sponsor for one-year entry qualifications of the young people.These measures are used to examine the refugees with practical traineeships, language courses and will prepare them for the actual training and the working world in Germany.

Since 15 May 2017, KRONEN has been able to provide an internship to a young refugee in the KRONEN production area.

Watch the interesting short film with an interview by Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of KRONEN (German language only).

Report of the 'Bürgerstiftung Kehl' - Promotion price 2017:

Customized process optimization with intelligent details -

GEWA3800VPLUS_mitSteigeband-Korbkarussell_April2017_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


A lot of experience and sophisticated technology for an optimal washing result, as well as the individual modification options of the machines – with these facts we have once again convinced a Freshcut company, which is a leader in the English market as a manufacturer and supplier of convenience products. With the GEWA 3800V PLUS washing machine delivered to England in April 2017, salads and vegetables are thoroughly and gently washed in a continuous flume washing process without mechanical submergence.

In close cooperation with the customer, KRONEN engineers have developed solutions tailored to the customer’s needs, which not only improve productivity but also ensure a constant quality of the processed products under the highest hygienic standards.

Thus the GEWA 3800V PLUS washing machine is equipped with many innovative, customer-optimized components such as:
  • By means of the central control system all functions of the washing machine and the feeding belt can be flexibly controlled via touchscreen. 30 freely programmable memory locations can be allocated with individual compositions which can be called up at any time.
  • The integrated infeed elevator with a 17° rising angle is equipped with a mesh belt and offers many technical refinements:
    • Speed control via touch screen (central control)
    • Crate support - simplifies the emptying of the crates
    • Detachable twin shower on the side guide plates
    • Additional spraying device with adjustable spray nozzles
    • Height limitation for product (40-100 mm)
    • Additional emergency stop switch
    • Drip tray grids below the infeed belt (for water treatment at customer's site)
    • Transfer hopper as splash guard to the wash tank (no loss of water)
    • Lateral fines removal drum (SFA) with integrated container for small parts, insects
    • WMS (Water Management System) – centrally controlled filling and emptying of the washing machine
    • Insect removal drum
    • Vibration outfeed with integrated transfer hopper to the basket carrousel, the washed products are transferred to the baskets in a controlled manner
    • Basket carrousel - simplifies basket changing and ensures a continuous workflow
  • Mobile trolley for removable parts of the GEWA washing machine for intermediate storage, e.g. during the cleaning phase
  • Technical Specification GEWA 3800V PLUS:

    • Capacity e.g. Iceberg, leek: up to 800 kg/h
    • Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph
    • Total power: 17 kW
    • Total water volume: 814 l

    If you also have special requirements and want to go new ways in the food industry, please contact us.

    We are happy to advise you and look forward to your REQUEST.

    New Sales Partner in the Netherlands and Belgium-Flanders

    SynergySystems_Vertragsunterzeichnung_17Mai2017_o_rgb3_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Effective 1 May 2017, KRONEN sales operations in the Dutch and Belgian market were repositioned. Our previous sales partner, JFPT / foodlife in NL-Zwolle, will strategically set new focus areas in distribution and key products, which are no longer in compliance with the sales concept of KRONEN. Therefore, the business relationship ended on 30 April 2017. At this point, we would like to thank JFPT / foodlife for their long-term cooperation with our company. The selection of a suitable successor company focused on the continuous development of customer business relationships. For this reason we have transferred the support of the Dutch and Belgian customers from 1 May 2017 onwards to

    Synergy Systems B.V.

    Sprendlingenpark 23

    NL-5061 JT Oisterwijk)


    Due to the many years of experience with KRONEN, HITEC and MIW products, Managing Director Menno JONGSMA and his sales, project management and service staff will form a strong team to support customers.

    SYNERGY SYSTEMS B.V. represents the cooperative alliance of KRONEN GmbH (D-Kehl), HITEC Foodsystems B.V. (NL-Zwolle) and MARCO Integrated Weighing B.V. (NL-Oisterwijk) and is responsible for the distribution of machines, systems and projects. The collective expertise and experience of the three partner companies guarantee a high synergy advantage as well as an optimal consulting competence.

    With a 24-hour / 7-day customer service, experienced Dutch professionals are available around the clock in Holland and Belgium. This way, we guarantee a comprehensive service and ensure the best possible availability and profitability of our customers' production facilities. We wish our new partner success and all the best.

    Pictures: Menno Jongsma und Eddie Van Dam

    HGW slicing insert

    Tomaten_Scheiben_HGW_Einsatz_small | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    The new HGWslicing insert is ideal for cutting vegetables, mushrooms and seedless fruit in slices of 5,2 - 6,2 - 8,2 mm, and more. Several slicing options are possible, e.g. „top & tail“. You can find all advantages in our attached flyer or on our homepage.

    We will be delighted to advise you! Our sales team is looking forward to your phone call +49 (0)7854 9646-0 or Email.

    Multicorer – tecnología de corte que inspira

    Naher_Osten | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Nuestro Multicorer conquista el Cercano Oriente

    Una compañia procesadora de vegetales frescos, de primera línea a nivel mundial, ha ordenado nuestro destacado equipo MULTICORER de 4 LINEAS para su planta en Dubai. Luego de la puesta en marcha y una etapa de testeo intensivo, llegaron dos órdenes más para operaciones en Arabia Saudita. El Multicorer funciona en plantas de alta capacidad en dos turnos diarios.

    Durante 8 horas al dia, se quita el tallo, se corta, lava, seca y embala lechuga Iceberg y luego, repollo blanco. La mayoría del producto se destina a cadenas de restaurantes de comidas rápidas y para algunas aerolíneas.

    El uso de maquinaria KRONEN aumenta significativamente la eficiencia de la línea de proceso. Esto también se refleja en una reducción significativa de los desperdicios.

    La compañia KRONEN está orgullosa de que el MULTICORER inspire y propicie el crecimiento del negocio de nuestros clientes.

    Usted está interesado en nuestro MULTICORER y necesita mayor información? Entonces entre en contacto con nosotros. Apreciamos su consulta!

    Fotografías de Jean-Marc Hammann.

    KRONEN raffle

    S195_Handstanze_M_f_rgb_small | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Fruit and vegetables in top form! FRUIT LOGISTICA showed once again: the market loves fresh ideas!

    We will raffle 10 grid cutter S195 including 2 cutting inserts from KRONEN* among all participants. For inspiring fruit and vegetable creations.

    Turn tomatoes, apples, potatoes, lemons, etc. into wedges, sticks and figurines in no time at all. In addition we raffle 10 Lurch Razortech DUO-graters.

    Simply fill out the form below! Good luck!

    * Closing date for entries is 20 April 2017. The winners will be notified by us. Recourse to the courts is not permitted. No cash disbursement is possible.

    Job offers at KRONEN

    KRONEN Weltkarte Discover | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    You will find our latest job offers here:

    • EXPORT AREA Manager (m/w)

    Fruit Logistica 2017 – KRONEN is Trendsetter number 1!

    FRUITLOGISTICA_Messestand2017_010_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    From February 8 to 10, 2017, the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 was once again the meeting place for the international fruit trade for three days. Kronen was also represented at the trade fair as an expert for the salad, vegetable and fruit processing industries.

    Many visitors were enthusiastic about the exhibited machine highlights. Especially the innovative novelties - and the associated possibilities - were always the starting point for many informative talks and discussions. Especially the live demos of the Kronen novelties - the SPIRELLO 150 vegetable slicer and the high-performance washing machine GEWA XL - proved to be a crowd puller.

    "This gives us the certainty that we have taken the right course with our product developments. The preparation and eating habits of many people have changed considerably in recent years. Healthy nutrition is coming more and more into focus. This also includes the consumption of fresh vegetables. KRONEN responded to the increased demand with the development of innovative machines, "explains Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of Kronen.

    For example, the SPIRELLO 150 produces healthy vegetable spaghetti. For many years already, Kronen has been on the market with a smaller machine version, the S021 spiral cutting machine. With the SPIRELLO 150, Kronen has now achieved a technological breakthrough, which allows a capacity increase with a constant quality. The SPIRELLO 150 can be used not only to cut long shaped products (cucumbers, carrots, radishes, butternut squash), but also round products, e.g. Kohlrabi or beetroot can be cut into decorative and healthy vegetable spirals.

    With the new GEWA XL, Kronen presented a powerful washing machine for high capacities with low energy and water consumption. This machine allows optimal washing results for large quantities of salads and vegetables. The machine is best suited to reduce cross-contamination and it contributes to increased food safety.

    Federal Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, was also impressed by the Kronen booth appearance. He was explained the highly innovative novelties by Stephan Zillgith and Eric Lefebvre, Technical Director at Kronen. Already on 27 January 2017 an important meeting took place at the International GRÜNE WOCHE in Berlin. The reason for this was the transfer of the application for the project 'SiMoHyP: Development of an innovative process for increasing the microbiological safety of packaged fresh cut salads by monitoring and sanitizing the process water".

    This project is supported by the BMEL innovation program over a 24-month duration. The project aims to develop an innovative washing technique and a method for the decontamination of the process water, which is used when washing freshcut salads, in order to preserve microbiologically safe ready-to-eat salads while at the same time conserving resources (water consumption, energy).

    "In teamwork with our customers and partners, many creative ideas generated benefits, not only do we develop machines but also share our know-how with our customers," says Eric Lefebvre. The Kronen booth presented itself in a new and attractive design and was again a successful result of synergy between Kronen and the cooperation partners ZTI-Mechatronics and GKS Packaging.

    At this year's Fruit Logistica gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner spoiled the Kronen stand visitors with exquisite menus - freshly prepared according to their recipes, which were already published in the Kronen annual calendar 2017. The tasty recipes and videos are published monthly in the Kronen newsletter and on the homepage. Thanks to the innovative Kronen technology according to the latest standard, the preparation of these dishes has become a cooking experience with true delights.


    FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017: Impressions at the KRONEN booth:

    Experience a comprehensive view in the events on the KRONEN booth at Fruit Logistica in Berlin!

    Primera lavadora KRONEN GEWA con filtro de agua autolimpiable para el más alto nivel de producción kosher

    GEWA_5000_V_mit_Filter_koscher_bearb_002 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    De acuerdo a requerimientos individuales de clientes, los ingenieros de KRONEN han desarrollado una lavadora GEWA 50000V Plus con filtro de aguas integrado. El desafío era desarrollar un sistema de filtración que se limpiara a sí mismo y que no interfiriera o interrumpiera el proceso del agua de lavado. Por otra parte, el cliente deseaba producir alimentos kosher y solicitó que la máquina tuviese esto en cuenta en su diseño.

    KRONEN ha sido exitoso modificando la lavadora GEWA 50000V Plus para alcanzar los requerimientos del Mercado kosher. El lavado de lechuga iceberg y repollos blanco y morado es de particular importancia para este mercado. Los vegetales son certificados por un rabino antes de la venta y recibe un certificado llamado Hechscharim. Este sello de calidad tambien promete un más alto grado de seguridad alimentaria, ademas de establecer los requerimientos de control alimenticio. Toda el agua de lavado es permanentemente pre filtrada a través de un filtro tambor de 0.5mm en cada ciclo pasando luego por una filtración especial.

    Con esta innovadora lavadora GEWA 50000V Plus KRONEN, se lavan cuidadosamente lechugas, hierbas y vegetales en un proceso de flujo contínuo, sin inmersión mecánica, cumpliendo con los requisitos kosher acerca de la purificación del agua.

    La máquina está provista de los siguientes módulos y características:
    • El agua de proceso corre a través de un filtro autolimpiante y retorna al tanque de lavado como agua “tipo kosher”. La pantalla integrada muestra cuando el sistema de filtros se limpia a sí mismo y el agua contaminada es drenada. El proceso de enjuague se optimiza para bajar el consumo e agua. El monitor digital se utiliza para seguimiento y no require de ninguna operación activa. Esto evita que el proceso de lavado se detenga y así el filtro puede limpiarse a sí mismo.
    • El Water Management System (WMS) ofrece una ventaja adicional. Permite controlar centralizadamente el llenado y vaciado de las máquinas lavadoras. Durante la operación, el nivel de agua es controlado automáticamente a través de un sensor de nivel.. Si el nivel de aguas cae muy bajo, la entrada neumática se abre y la GEWA 50000V Plus recibe auga fresca tipo kosher. El sistema incluye dos válvulas de llenado y dos de vaciado y las tuberías necesarias. El WMS se opera a través del panel de control de la lavadora.
    • Otras características:
    • Tambor atrapa insectos
    • Tambor lateral de partes finas
    • Y muchas mas ...
    Datos técnicos de la lavadora GEWA 50000V Plus

    Capacidad, ej. Iceberg o repollo blanco/Colorado hasta 2500 kg / h

    Capacidad, ej. baby leaf hasta 800 kg / h

    Voltaje: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph (otros voltajes se pueden solicitar)

    Potencia total: 17 kW

    Volumen total de agua: 1700 l

    Filtro de agua: 140 Mesh / 100 micron

    Significado de kosher:

    "Kosher" quiere decir que los alimentos designados son aptos para consume de acuerdo a la ley religiosa hebrea ("Halacha").

    Si usted también tuviera un requerimiento especial y desea explorar nuevos caminos en le industria alimenticia o bien si desea innovar en este interesante Mercado, entonces usted tiene un socio adecuado en KRONEN. Por favor no dude en contactarnos, estamos aguardando su solicitud.


    GEWA 1000 Salatwaschmachine | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    El 25 de octubre 2016 se realizó la entrega oficial de la línea de proceso de lechugas a la compañia Adam Theis GmbH de Alemania. En esta línea de proceso muy especial, se integraron las lavadoras de lechugas series 999 y 1000. Una excelente oportunidad para felicitar personalmente al director de la empresa, Sr. Werner Theis. La comercialización de

    Vegetales frescos de la región de Pfalz fue la razón fundamental para establecer en 1875 la empresa familiar Adam Theis GmbH. Hoy día es un jugador importante para suministrar al sector gastronómico con un surtido completo de frutas, hortalizas, lechugas, productos exóticos, hongos y hierbas frescas en toda la región sur de Alemania. Contando con más de 40 camiones para distribución, se entrega producto a mayoristas regionales, a grandes consumidores, cantinas, comedores, hoteles y restaurantes. Cuenta con 260 funcionarios trabajando los 7 días al servicio de la frescura.

    Muchas coincidencias: buen trabajo en conjunto y crecimiento permanente unen a las dos empresas.

    Con mucho orgullo el Sr. Theis informó acerca del buen trabajo colaborativo con la firma Kronen. Su producción de vegetales frescos procesados (cuarta gama) se orienta totalmente a las necesidades de la gastronomía. La oferta incluye una gran variedad de tamaños y formas de cortes. También se realizan recetas de mezclas individualizadas. Se produce bajo el criterio just-in-time y sin el uso de conservantes. Se está ampliando el área de producción en unos 650m² para finales del presente año.

    La confiabilidad y calidad de las máquinas KRONEN han convencido a la firma Adam Theis GmbH desde el inicio. Por ello ya han iniciado muy tempranamente el proceso de frutas, vegetales y lechugas con maquinaria KRONEN y continuarán haciéndolo, como el caso de esta línea de lechugas y una línea futura de alta producción. La seguridad, confianza y fidelidad son valores que se comparten y los directivos de ambas empresas se alegran en continuar construyendo este vínculo.

    Con esta instalación innovadora de los sistemas de lavado KRONEN-GEWA se podrá lavar cuidadosamente lechugas, hierbas y hortalizas inclusive cortadas.

    Los equipos cuentan a su vez con los siguientes dispositivos:
    • Extractor de insectos
    • Filtro automático lateral par apartes finas
    • Módulos de enfriamienton
    • Tuberías para generación de burbujasr

    De izquierda a derecha: Stephan Zillgith (Director de KRONEN GmbH) y Werner Theis (Director de Adam Theis GmbH).

    KRONEN contributes to climate protection

    Herkunftsnachweis_Ökostrom_2016 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Kronen places particular attention on ensuring quality and sustainability of its machines and projects manufactured in Kehl - based on a commitment to a healty environment.

    Since the beginning of 2013 we converted to climate-neutral energy sources - "Green electricity from hydropower".

    We, therefore, take an active part in climate protection and conservation of natural resources.

    NOVEDAD: lavadoras GEWA incorporan Sistema de desinfección de agua UVC

    GEWA3800VECO-UVC_cascade_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Último desarrollo de Kronen:

    Lavadoras GEWA integran Sistema de desinfección de agua UVC

    La problemática de la hygiene juega un rol preponderante en las instalaciones de producción de la industria de alimentos. Kronen ofrece un Nuevo destaque en higiene ofreciendo un sistema sofisticado de tecnología de lavado en nuestras lavadoras para vegetales por turbulencia GEWA y la incorporación del:

    REACTOR UVC INTEGRADO, con lo cual el agua de lavado es permanentemente desinfectada, devolviendo agua de lavado tratado por UVC al proceso.

    Para este cometido se utilizaron los componentes UVC largamente probados, fabricados por.

    sterilAir® (Weinfelden, Suiza), que cumplen con las más exigentes demandas de la industria del alimento. Hemos seleccionado a un cliente líder en el Mercado: M.S.G. Frucht GmbH en la localidad de Maintal, Alemania, donde colocamos 2 lavadoras modelo GEWA 3800V ECO dispuestas en cascada, una tras otra (pre- lavado y lavado) equipadas con el nuevo reactor UVC de desinfección de agua.

    Desde 2009, M.S.G. pertenece al grupo Compass Group Alemania, quien provee en exclusividad productos terminados cuarta gama a las operaciones Compass a nivel nacional, como centro de abastecimiento de frutas y vegetales para la región.

    La línea utiliza las lavadoras GEWA de Kronen y debido a sus características, las lechugas, hierbas, vegetales y otros productos de cuarta gama se lavan cuidadosamente gracias al torrente helicoidal contínuo que se realiza (sin inmersión mecánica). El equipo, además, cuenta con un sistema de extracción de insectos y partículas (tambor motorizado).

    Igualmente, se agrega agua nueva y enfriada a través de las duchas ubicadas sobre la placa vibratoria de salida de producto. Esta reposición de agua fría permite que el agua en el lavado se mantenga a temperatura relativamente baja.

    El uso del reactor UVC sirve especificamente para prevenir la contaminación cruzada, asegurando un proceso más confiable y también bajar el consumo de agua de proceso.

    Detalles y descripción del funcionamiento del reactor UVC::

    Las bombas instaladas en la lavadora hacen que el agua de proceso se bombee completamente a través del reactor UVC. Su capacidad de circulación es de 60 m³/h para un volúmen de aproximadamente 750 litros. Esto es equivalente a un pasaje teórico de 80 veces por hora o digamos se hacen 80 tratamientos de UVC por hora.

    El reactor UVC se conecta a la lavadora a través de una cañería fija, asegurando el retorno del agua desifnectada hacia el tanque de lavado.

    La intensidad del reactor UVC está perfectamente alineada con la capacidad de las bombas y por lo tanto el ciclo se acomoda en forma armónica y contínua.

    El reactor UVC está compuesto de 6 lámparas de tubo, que se operan con mínima energía a través de 3 balastos de gran eficiencia energética. Este módulo está equipado con un contador de encendidos. Los tubos se desarrollaron para una vida útil de 12.000 encendidos ó 12.000 horas de operación.

    Tanto para limpieza como para su reemplazo, los tubos UVC se pueden desmontar fácilmente, garantizando un fácil mantenimiento.

    Básicamente, cualquier lavadora GEWA nueva o existente puede equiparse con un reactor UVC. En ciertos casos, se puede proveer un reactor para ser testeado.

    Especificaciones técnicas de la GEWA 3800V ECO:

    • Voltaje - 400V 50Hz 3Ph (230V 60 Hz 3Ph)
    • Potencia - 5.6 kW
    • Medidas - 3830 x 1280 x 1540 mm
    • Volúmen - 745 l
    Capacidades de lavado:

    Iceberg cortado – hasta 700 kg/h

    Espinacas – uhasta 500 kg/h

    Perejil entero – hasta 300 kg/h

    Review: Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin

    FruitLogistica2016_Messestand_14_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Fruit Logistica in Berlin (3-5 February 2016) is one of the most important meeting places for salad, vegetable and fruit processors. A wide audience used the annual event to gain a comprehensive overview of the market and to learn about the latest trends.

    On this year's Kronen booth visitors experienced a large and varied offer of the Kronen machine program. Especially the live demonstrations of the many new developments with customer-oriented applications and solutions encountered keen interest and led to a very positive feedback.

    The attractive Kronen exhibition area was also a successful result of synergy between Kronen and its cooperating partners JFPT Foodlife, ZTI Mechatronics and GKS packaging.

    The culinary specialities – freshly prepared by the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner – proved to be another crowd-puller. Some of the delicious recipes have been published in the previous annual Kronen calendars.

    A large number of trade visitors were especially interested in the Kronen novelties:

    1. UVC-Lock Germ reduction lock

    … has been developed for surface disinfection of packaging materials such as boxes, crates, tools, etc. in close cooperation with the Swiss company sterilAir® (CH-Weinfelden).

    Use with food depends on the legislation in the country of the user.

    The UVC-Lock is equipped with the latest UVC technology (hybrid tubes of sterilAir®) and thus combines the high demand for sturdiness, flexibility and easy maintenance.

    An adequate microbiological sterility of packaging materials and storage containers is one of the most important prerequisites for the durability and hygiene of foodstuffs especially in the salad, vegetable and fruit processing industry.

    The UVC treatment with sterilAir® components disinfects safely and reliably: without heat, undesirable additives, residues and within a very short time.

    The DNA of germs is destroyed by the UVC treatment, i.e. contact and smear infections can be prevented effectively.

    Benefits are obvious:

    • Drying of containers (such as after spray disinfection) is no longer necessary.
    • The UVC-Lock is best suited for application in between two separate rooms, e.g. low and high care areas..
    • All materials in the size range of 50 x 50 x 20 mm up to 550 x 300 mm can gently be moved through the UVC-Lock. Thanks to the efficient arrangement of the UVC tubes, an almost complete radiation area is guaranteed.
    • The fully enclosed UVC-Lock housing with cover is made of stainless steel and guarantees the safe use of UVC radiation.
    • The intuitive color touch screen has a user-friendly interface.
    • Long UV emitter replacement intervals and exemplary low energy consumption underline the economic efficiency of the system. Due to their very low emitter temperature, sterilAir® UV components are ideally suited for the treatment of heat-sensitive products.
    2. KWT 16 Weighing table & pedestal with a single head weigher for packaging machines

    This pedestal includes a single head weigher for the ergonomic weighing and filling in conjunction with a GKS packaging machine CP 350 or UP 350. Different products such as vegetables, fruit, salads, baked goods, raw vegetables, sweets (also non-food products) can be weighed, filled and packaged in representative bags.

    The stainless steel pedestal is adapted to the height of the packaging machine and is equipped with safety borders and railings. The mixing table with the integrated single head weigher is arranged in ergonomic height and easily accessible by stairs. The large weighing container with a 16 liter volume is perfectly suited to the weighing of all leaf salads, i.e. Lollo Bionda up to 1 kg.

    The packaging machine CP 350 or UP 350 thus can easily and functionally be filled and operated from the above.

    3. Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker (ZTI Mechatronics)

    … peels the mango and removes the „cheeks“ in one cycle. Once the fruit has been positioned the machine takes the mango by the stone and it passes through the peeling and destoning stations.

    The mango is a very tender fruit and so demands special care in processing. Conventional peeling methods fail to provide the desired result, as the fruit is often damaged. Due to the unique processing method, the Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker holds the fruit not on the outside, by the fruit, but by the stone.

    During the subsequent peeling process the mango is peeled along the fruit. The result of this peeling method offers an “appearance to hand-peeled”, clean and smooth surface of the fruit. After peeling, the mango is de-cheeked, i.e. divided into two halves. This unique processing method increases the shelf-life of the product.


    'From Preparation to Packing - KRONEN does it all' - new information brochure

    Gesamtprospekt_Maschinenprogramm_Ausstellungsraum_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Hot of the press: we proudly present our new KRONEN brochure!

    This clearly structured booklet contains all the information you need to know about us, our machines and solutions. Also, important references can be found there.

    Simply contact us: we gladly will send you a personal copy. Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy of the brochure from our download-area, click here:


    We wish you much fun when browsing and reading!

    Anuga Food in Cologne: We were there!

    AnugaFood_Koeln2015_1_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    September & October are traditionally strong fair months for Kronen. Anuga Food in Cologne is one of eleven exhibitions on which we were represented - and that on almost all continents:

    • Santiago de Chile, FOOD & SERVICE (1.-4.09.2015)
    • Rimini, MACFRUT (23.-25.09.2015)
    • Las Vegas, PACKEXPO (28.-30.09.2015)
    • Vigo, CONXEMAR (5.-7.10.2015)
    • Moscow, AGROPRODMASH (5.-9.10.2015)
    • Moscow, AGROTECH (7.-10.10.2015)
    • Cologne, ANUGA FOOD (10.-14.10.2015)
    • Beijing, CHINA FOODTECH (19.-21.10.2015
    • Atlanta, PMA FRESH SUMMIT (23.-25.10.2015)
    • Dubai, GULFOOD (27.-29.10.2015)
    • Madrid, FRUIT ATTRACTION (28.-30.10.2015)

    Trade visitors from all over the world experienced our machines in operation, obtained comprehensive information about our complete assortment and benefited from the expert advice of our exhibition team.

    Something we are particularly pleased about: The very good response and the big interest especially at the Anuga Food (as one of the most important trade fairs for the food industry) were gratifying. We presented a wide range of our machines, enabling visitors to understand how to optimize such production line processes: from trimming and sorting, cutting, washing, dewatering and drying up to packing the products - everything from a single source.

    Interested visitors and customers took the opportunity to get first-hand comprehensive & competent information about the Kronen processing technology with cost-saving automation possibilities.

    We would like to thank the numerious visitors for their high level of interest and the constructive conversations.

    KRONEN Corp. USA moves to Madison/WI

    KronenCorp_Madison_F_o_rgb2 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    From 1 September 2015, our US subsidiary KRONEN Corp. in Cohoes/NY has moved to new premises in Wisconsin. After the founding in 2011 a successful development has built up in the KRONEN Corp. under the leadership of William (Bill) Creitz. Actually, Bill has left the company to enjoy his retirement. For this reason the restructuring of the company along with the move was necessary.

    We thank Bill at this point for his many years of successful service for the Company.

    When selecting a suitable successor the prime focus was on the ongoing development of customer relations with expanded service offerings.

    For this reason, we have transferred the new management of the US subsidiary to Russell (Russ) Quandt. He is supported by Geoffrey (Geoff) Norton (inside sales manager) and Terry Heintz (service engineer). We are pleased that Geoff with his years of experience from the partnership with William (Bill) Creitz stands for continuity and we could win him for this important task and further cooperation, associated with the move to Madison.

    Russ maintains a high level of food processing and packaging expertise due to his extensive experience with manufacturing operations. For over 26 years, Russ has successfully marketed equipment and systems tailored to a wide variety of food applications.

    We are pleased to be well positioned with Russ Quandt and his team of skilled professionals to support our U.S. customers.

    KRONEN Corp.

    4174 Commercial Avenue

    Madison, Wisconsin 53714

    Phone: +1 518 326 4373

    Fax: +1 518 326 4376

    E-Mail: kronen@kronencorp.com


    International seminar 'Freshcut processing' in Colombia

    Seminar-Agroalimentaria_Kolumbien_Jul2015-6 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    International Seminar on Fresh Vegetables Processing took place for the first time in Latin America on 9 July 2015.

    Organized and produced by KRONEN and the very valuable help of KRONEN distributor JUAN NEUSTADTEL SAS in Colombia, this full day activity Seminar took place on July 9 at the Corferias Center in the capital city of Bogotá.

    55 visitors from all around the country and the whole of Latin America came to this meeting to learn about new technologies and tendencies in the fresh cut market.

    Juan Esteban Ocampo, KRONEN machinery sales manager at JUAN NEUSTADTEL hosted this event which took place in a comfortable meeting area, and introduced the three presentations:

    • "Vegetable processing" - Speaker Paul Woodward from Spain:

      The participants benefited at Paul Woodward's lecture especially from his decades of experience in the English and Spanish market.

    • "Longer shelf life by better processes and packaging" - Speaker Mariano Pereyra from Chile:

      In this topic, Mariano Pereyra could incorporate much of his experience from a long process of change at one of the largest processors in Chile.

    • "Machinery and technologies" - Speaker Juan Lindmayer (KRONEN Export Area Manager) from Uruguay:

      Juan Lindmayer gave valuable insight and assistance to the development of successful processing.

    After these interesting lectures, seminar participants visited the booth of JUAN NEUSTADTEL at trade fair EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA. There they experienced LIVE presentations of various KRONEN machines: GS 10-2 Belt cutting machine, KUJ V Dice, strip & slice cutting machine, KSM 100 Vegetable cutting machine, K50-100 S Spin dryer.

    On the following day, many of the international participants took the opportunity for an exchange of first-hand information and visited local producers working with KRONEN processing lines.

    Young entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan visited KRONEN

    gizKasachstanBesuch_SZ_KUJV_rgb_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    On 8 June 2015, a group of visitors from Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan on behalf of the giz (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit) was guest at Kronen.

    Economic cooperation aimed between small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany and Central Asia was the important topic of this Germany trip of the young entrepreneurs mainly from the agricultural sector.

    Managing Director Stefan Zillgith presented the company Kronen, as well as special topics like E.g. "marketing concept of Kronen" and "New trends in vegetable processing and innovation management" in his short speech.

    After that the guests gained an initial insight into the company on a tour of the plant, also some machines for the processing possibilities for salad, fruit and vegetables were presented live.

    Dr. Sabine Kübler: Successful doctoral dissertation with support by KRONEN

    Dr.Kuebler_Dissertationsarbeit2015 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Dr. Sabine Kübler finalized her doctoral dissertation on the subject "Assessment of Innovative, Industrially Applicable Processing and Sanitizing Methods for the Production of Fresh-Cut Lettuce and Chicory" with support of KRONEN gaining her doctorate at the University of Hohenheim.

    Quote: "Thanks to the employees of Kronen Nahrungsmittel GmbH, in particular to Mr. Eric Lefebvre and Mr. Stephan Zillgith for the successful cooperation and for their great level of commitment in terms of salad processing."

    The doctoral dissertation of Dr. Sabine Kübler is published by Shaker Verlag, Aachen. If you are interested in this book please feel free to contact us.

    Línea de alta productividad para papas/patatas y vegetales en Italia

    Ghisetti_Linie_Personenl_M_o_rgb_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Hasta 800 Kg de papas/patatas por hora produce la nueva línea Kronen que recientemente ha incorporado en Italia el procesador de vegetales GHISETTI en la región de Badia Polesine.

    Esta empresa tradicional, cuenta con casi 130 años de experiencia la venta de frutas y hortalizas: su nombre implica calidad, frescura y servicio. La gama de productos que comercializa, incluye vegetales sanitizados, cortados y empacados al vacío, tales como zanahorias, remolachas/beterrabas, mazorcas de maíz y también papas en diferentes formas y tamaños de envase.

    Con el aumento de los requerimientos del mercado, la empresa ha decidido procesar ellos mismos los productos, para estar más cercanos al mercado consumidor de productos precocidos y empacados al vacío. Paralelamente decidieron aumentar su oferta incorporando el proceso de otros vegetales. Por tal motivo construyeron un sector nuevo para dar cabida a la línea Kronen

    En esta línea de producción, KRONEN ha propiciado el trabajo en conjunto con las empresas amigas FORMIT Y EKKO, para completar el proyecto en las áreas de despedrado, pelado y lavado. Luego, el producto es transferido a la cortadora adecuada para el corte de cubos o rebandas

    La instalación de esta línea completa de Kronen consta adicionalmente de lavadoras GEWA, las dos cortadoras y las bandas transportadoras necesarias.

    La línea procesadora de papas tiene un largo total de 15,5 metros y tiene una capacidad de aprox 600 - 800 Kg por hora de producto terminado.

    Elementos de la operación:

    • Bunker con agua para abastecer con la materia prima
    • Despedrador, para apartar piedras o suciedad muy gruesa
    • Peladora Combi 1000, y bomba para transportar los desperdicios
    • Lavadora de tambor, para eliminar restos de cáscaras y almidón
    • Bunker con agua, para transferencia
    • Mesa de rodillos para inspección, junto a un transportador para reproceso, por si hubiera producto a pelar nuevamente. Con ellos se minimiza la cantidad de personal para reprocesar.
    • Una vez las papas estan peladas y limpias, se transfieren hacia una peladora KRONEN, ya sea
    • Una cubeteadora KUJ V, para el corte preciso de cubos o
    • Una GS 10-2, cortadora de banda, para el corte exacto de rebanadas.

    Ambas cortadoras brindan el importante beneficio de ser móviles y por lo tanto flexbilizan su incorporación en las estaciones de trabajo.

    La línea tambien habilita el uso de producto pelado y no cortado, el cual se transporta por una banda prevista para ello.

    Looking back: ANUGA FoodTec, Cologne

    KRONEN GmbH at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Tomato Robot Station | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Anuga FoodTec (24 -27 March 2015) in Cologne was a further successful exhibition milestone. We are pleased with the positive feedback that we receive from our customers: The trade fair as a meeting place served as a welcome platform to get know each other, for exchanging experiences and ideas and, of course, presentation of our machine portfolio:

    We showcased our novelties:
    • Robot station for tomato processing, consisting of 5 interlinked main components: roller inspection table, cutting machine PGW, image processing system, robot and grip system. Tomatoes are inspected and separated at the roller inspection table and transported to the robot station. Thereon, the tomatoes are detected and selected by the image recognition system which precisely calculates the coordinates of the gripper mounted on the robot. The tomatoes will be gripped by the robot one by one and placed orientated onto the cutting machine PGW where will be cut into perfect and equal slices.
    • GEWA XL washing machine offering optimal washing results for larger quantities of vegetable, salad and fruit. This machine is an outcome of the RESFOOD project (www.resfood.eu/web/) which was showcased at the ANUGA FoodTec 2015 for the first time.

      Objectives of the RESFOOD-project: › Guaranteed dwell time of 45 secs › Sand trap, insect removal system, filter screen › Energy efficiency by optimized water flow › Lower water consumption during washing and spraying › Due to optimized spraying no organic residues on the products, thereby improving durability of the product › Drier product due to belt dewatering

    • AMS 220 pinapple & melon peeling machine for peeling (regardless of the products contours) various fruit such as pineapples, melons of all kind, pumpkins with a smooth surface
    The broad-based and competent portfolio of KRONEN is evidenced by the new business sector “KRONEN SYSTEMS” with an objective of pooling the high level of competence of a group of experts in developing complex solutions for automation and rationalization of food processing technologies. Findings and experiences of this group will be processed in a targeted manner and constantly crosschecked and tuned to the research results of the leading European institutes and renowned research organizations for the food processing technology. KRONEN customers shall be integrated more and more in the implementation of joint research projects in order to benefit as direct application users from the new technologies. This group is open for food technology experts in all areas of industry, research and development.

    Reporte: Fruit Logistica 2015

    FruitLogistica2015_Messestand | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Also this year we are looking back to a very successful Fruit Logistica. Demand for our Kronen machines for the salad, vegetable, fruit processing industry is growing constantly, and we are proud of that! This is mainly due to investments in development of new products as well as pursuing a consistent company strategy.

    In addition to the well proven range of machines Kronen showcased its novelties, together with the cooperation partners GKS Packaging, JFPT Foodlife and ZTI-Mechatronics :

    • AMS 220 pineapple & melon peeling machine specialized to peel fruit in a great variety of different shapes and sizes

    • GDM 35 grape destemmer for automatic destemming of grapes, without damaging the grapes.

    • CP 350 packaging machine for packing of all types of free-flow and pasty food and non-food products.

    • FlowDry 1500 for de-watering hard vegetables
    The visitors expressed a keen interest in the integrated solutions we offer and attested excellent technical expertise and professionalism.

    As a special highlight, the Kronen stand visitors enjoyed culinary delights freshly prepared by the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner. The recipes of these delicacies have already been published in our Kronen annual calendar 2015.

    Due to the innovative Kronen up-to-date technique the food preparation has become a delicious experience for eyes and palate!

    We would like to thank all our visitors for the interesting dialogues at the fair and look forward to implement new challenges in cooperation with our customers!

    Strong presence at Russian trade fairs in Moscow

    Messe_Agroprodmash_S.Zillgith_Okt2014_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Almost at the same time two important trade fairs Agroprodmash and Golden Autumn were held in Moscow (6.-10. / 8.-11. Okt.2014).

    At both exhibition places we presented ourselves with our own attractive booths.

    „We offered an overview of our KRONEN product portfolio to the very interested vistors. We are happy about the positive response and the opportunity of establishing new contacts but also cultivating and developing existing customer relations, " says Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director.

    Many thanks to all visitors at our KRONEN customer day!

    Kundentag_AMS220_26.Sept2014_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director, and his KRONEN team, were able to welcome more than 170 visitors from over 30 countries all over the world to the KRONEN customer day on 26 September 2014 and the International KRONEN Representative Conference (24 + 25 September 2014).

    The overall high popularity from the domestic and international customers reflects that KRONEN is on the right track with its concept of LIVE demonstrations of their various processing opportunities for lettuce, vegetable and fruit. Visitors have been very interested to follow the machine highlights and innovative solutions for the fresh-cut area.

    "We support our customers with machines and technologies tailored precisely to their tasks. In addition, we involve cooperative partners who are experts in their field. In this way, we offer our clients customised, safe solutions with the greatest efficiency and cost effectiveness," explains Johannes Günther, Sales Director of KRONEN. Therefore, competent system partners of KRONEN presented their novelties and products, e.g. packaging technology.

    Perfect autumn weather and interesting encounters and conversations in a relaxed atmosphere completed this successful event.

    We are very grateful to all our partners and guests for this felicitous day - thank you!

    New KRONEN-Website goes ONLINE!

    Webseite_Relaunch_SZ-IngoU_22Sept2014 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    KRONEN presents its newly modified and clearly structured website with its extensive offers and expanded features!

    The new website operates with a "responsive web design" that fit multiple screen sizes of mobile devices. This means, in particular, the flexible and optimal adaption to e.g. smart phones, tablet PC, and other.

    All important facts and information about our products are available for download, such as technical data, videos, brochures, etc.

    The practical product finder tool allows you to get the right combination of machines and devices for almost every application. And those who want to can register easily for the KRONEN newsletter.

    Company UST GmbH, Berghaupten-Germany, was entrusted with the professional implementation of the new, even more attractive KRONEN website.

    The picture shows Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of Kronen (on the right side) and Ingo Ullrich, Managing Director of UST (on the left side) releasing the new KRONEN website - at the push of a button.

    Bell pepper processing on a large scale!

    GEWA5000VPLUS_PaprikaLINIE_M_o_rgb4 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik
    inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/GEWA5000VPLUS_PaprikaLINIE_Vibrationssieb- mitPaprikad_o_rgb1_27010.jpg&w=220&h=2200inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/GEWA5000VPLUS_PaprikaLINIE_R_rgb2_27043.png&w=220&h=2200


    „Two in one sweep“

    A major order of a renown European customer constitutes a further milestone at KRONEN’s success story:

    KRONEN engineers developed an automated bell pepper processing line according to specific customer’s requirements, consisting of two (2) GEWA 5050V PLUS Bell Pepper washing machines with integrated transport systems.

    Up to 7 tons/h raw product can be processed (= approx. 5 - 5,5 tons good product). The processing line will become operational already in June 2014.

    These machines have been specially designed for WASHING & SORTING sliced bell pepper (completely cut with core and kernels). One of the key features is an automatic separation method allowing different kinds of bell pepper (diced or sliced) to be processed.

    By means of a sophisticated water streaming system the waste and good product are separated thus saving extensive costs:

    1. Light parts (core and „white parts“) drift on the surface of the water and are discharged by a link conveyer
    2. Heavy parts (kernels) fall to the bottom and are discharged through the sand trap funnels
    3. Good product is discharged by the vibration outfeed for further processing
    The automatic bell pepper processing line consists of:
    • A mobile infeed conveying system (30°) linked with a horizontal shuttle conveyor which allows either one or both machines to be feeded
    • Sand trap funnel for paprika seeds: This sedimentation unit allows an optimal and thorough washing of even very soiled products! In combination with the WMS (water management system), an automatic part-drainage at regular intervals and consequently a permanent regeneration of the washing water can be assured
    • Lateral fines removal drum
    • Exchangable vibration sieves with various perforations (5, 8 und 15 mm)
    • Integrated outfeed belts for good procts as well as waste
    • Modern control technology, by means of a central switch box both machines can be controlled separately and all infeed & outfeed belts can be connected individually
    • And many more features…

    Invitation: Customer Day at GKS Packaging b.v. - 14 JUNE 2014

    Invitation_GKS-CustomerDay_14June2014_news | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    We herewith invite all our customers and interested parties to the CUSTOMER DAY on 14 June 2014 at the premises of our cooperation partner GKS Packaging b.v. at Son, Netherlands.

    GKS will introduce their new machine platform and show you several important recent developments which will give our customers the benefit in the years to come!

    No better way to do this while enjoying good food, drinks, music and an exhilarating high speed car rally. During the evening the time trials of the final race of the national rally championship is held on Ekkersrijt, the industrial park where GKS is situated.

    Even better, the circuit passes GKS company and we guarantee the best view from the VIP deck !

    Please inform us of your attendance before the 1st of June. You can do this and even ask for further information (agenda, etc.) by sending an email to info@kronen.eu.

    Sensitive handling of vulnerable products...

    GEWA5050BSPLUS_BandaustragTrocknung_R_rgb2 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Las fresas o frutillas pertenecen sin dudas a aquellas frutas que necesitan ser tratadas y lavadas con extrema delicadeza.

    Permanentemente nuestros ingenieros en Kronen cumplen con nuevos desafíos, esa vez desarrollando funciones creativas en las máquinas GEWA 5000 para un cliente en Portugal. Este productor de frutas y vegetales congelados, es uno de los actores eurpeos más importantes en su secto.. Ellos han invertido en un parque de maquinaria automatizada en forma rápida y efectiva siguiendo lineamientos muy especiales.

    La lavadora GEWA 5000 de KRONEN es un elemento fundamental en este proceso de automatización: Hasta 2 tons de fresas o frutillas frescas, asi como tomates, son lavados en esta lavadora, en una hora.

    La máquina se ha diseñado especialmente para un lavado contínuo y cuidadoso que se complementa con una unidad combinada de succión y soplado en la banda transportadora de salida.

    Primero, una UNIDAD DE SECADO Y SOPLADO AJUSTABLE EN ALTURA (1), seca la parte superior de las fresas (y otros productos) desde una posición vertical.

    La UNIDAD DE SUCCIÓN (2) elimina toda el agua capturada en el entramado de la banda transportadora y reduce la presencia de agua en la parte inferior del producto que sale de la lavadora. Esto permite una importante reducción en la cantidad de agua que se arrastra hacia adelante en el proceso, y los conssiguientes ahorros.

    Una uniad adicional de SOPLADO (3) instalada debajo de la banda, complementa eliminando residuos y partes pequeñas.

    Mediante estos procedimientos cuidadosos de lavado y secado de fresas, se llega con un producto adecuado para el congelado en iqf shock.

    Otros destaques de esta máquina es el Sistema KRONEN Water-Management-System (WMS = Sistema centralizado de control de llenado y vaciado de las máquinas) y 3 embudos en las trampas de arenas, además de nuestro sistema de filtro automático lateral.

    Reporte: Fruit Logistica 2014

    FruitLogistica2014_Messestand_GS10-2_GS20_o_rgb_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Also this year, the great importance of Fruit Logistica 2014 (5 - 7 February, Berlin) has been fully confirmed for Kronen. A large number of interested visitors took the opportunity to get first-hand comprehensive and competent information about the machines which have been demonstrated live.

    Together with the cooperation partners GKS Packaging, JFPT foodlife und ZTI Mechatronics many conversations were conducted with domestic and international customers and interested parties. This shared network offers a lot of synergy gains and cost savings opportunities.

    As a special highlight Kronen presented its multipurpose slicing machine GS10-2. This belt cutter not only appears in a new look but also impresses with its high-performace technology and substantial functions. For more information, click at following link.

    In the second year on the row, visitors had been spoiled by culinary delights - freshly prepared by the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner.

    Both chefs created exquisite meals with seasonal ingredients which already had been published in our own Kronen annual calendars 2013 and 2014. A great variety of these recipes had been presented live.

    Due to the innovative Kronen up-to-date technique the food preparation became a delicious cooking experience!

    We look forward to seeing you again in Berlin next year!

    Link: GS10-2

    Messeeindruecke: Fruit Logistica 2013:

    Kronen präsentierte, neben den in der Branche bereits bekannten und bewährten Maschinen, auch neue, wie die KUJ V Würfel-, Stift- und Scheibenschneidemaschine, die GS 20 Schneidemaschine als auch die SDS 5000 Trocknungsanlage.
    Die Besucher auf unserem Messestand zeigten großes Interesse an unserem Angebot an kundenspezifischen Gesamtlösungen wie auch Einzelmaschinen - in hochwertiger Qualität und mit der technischen Kompetenz und Professionalität von Kronen!
    Als besonderes Messe-Highlight verwöhnten die Gourmet-Köche Wolfgang Blum und Andreas Eigner die Standbesucher mit exquisiten Menüs - frisch zubereitet nach ihren Rezepten, die bereits im KRONEN-Jahreskalender 2013 veröffentlicht wurden. Durch die innovative KRONEN-Technik nach neuestem Standard wurde das Vor- und Zubereiten dieser Speisen zu einem Kocherlebnis mit Augenschmaus und Gaumenfreude!

    Messeeindruecke: Fruit Logistica 2013:

    Kronen präsentierte, neben den in der Branche bereits bekannten und bewährten Maschinen, auch neue, wie die KUJ V Würfel-, Stift- und Scheibenschneidemaschine, die GS 20 Schneidemaschine als auch die SDS 5000 Trocknungsanlage.
    Die Besucher auf unserem Messestand zeigten großes Interesse an unserem Angebot an kundenspezifischen Gesamtlösungen wie auch Einzelmaschinen - in hochwertiger Qualität und mit der technischen Kompetenz und Professionalität von Kronen!
    Als besonderes Messe-Highlight verwöhnten die Gourmet-Köche Wolfgang Blum und Andreas Eigner die Standbesucher mit exquisiten Menüs - frisch zubereitet nach ihren Rezepten, die bereits im KRONEN-Jahreskalender 2013 veröffentlicht wurden. Durch die innovative KRONEN-Technik nach neuestem Standard wurde das Vor- und Zubereiten dieser Speisen zu einem Kocherlebnis mit Augenschmaus und Gaumenfreude!


    GrapesDestemmer_M_h_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    We show at Fruit Logistica in Berlin:

    The innovative Grapes Destemming machine ZTI

    The grape destemming machine is the first machine to remove grapes neatly and carefully automatically from their stalks. Grape bunches are placed at the top of the machine. It then neatly loosens the grapes from the stem in a rolling motion without damage to the fruit, and places them gently onto the conveyor belt below, where personnel can visually control the finished product.

    Output is three to five times higher per person than manual operations. Depending on the variety and quality of the grapes, one machine can process up to 240 kg per hour.

    The Grapes Destemmer is nominated for the "FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2014" !

    NEW: KSM 100 KRONEN salad & vegetable cutting machine!

    KSM100_003_M_f_rgb_20130930.jpg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    The new KSM 100 salad & vegetable cutting machine has been already on show at ANUGA in Cologne this year. It gave an impressive performance and demonstrated many benefits:
    • Perfectly suited for cutting vegetables, salads as well as harder fruits
    • Big cutting door with two infeed openings for every requirement:

      • Big opening for products like cabbage, leafy vegetable and broad leaf endive

      • Small opening for long products such as cucumbers, courgettes, carrots, radishes, etc.

    • Great variety of cutting tools and accessories
    • A newly designed scraper can be used with all knives
    • All cutting tools can be changed easily and very quickly

    KSM 100: Cheese shredding into finest strips:

    Nicht nur Gemüse oder Salat sondern auch Käse (z.B. Edamer) können Sie mit der KSM 100 Universalschneidemaschine schneiden bzw. raffeln (feinste Streifen).
    Mehr Informationen unter: http://www.kronen.eu/product.php?IDProduct=13757

    KRONEN Customer Day in Chile

    KundentagChile_Sept13-5 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Customer day in CHILE:

    On the occasion of a Customer Day at KRONEN agency MULTIVAC (Chile) on 25 September 2013, customers and experts from Argentina and Chile came together. An attractive programme with lots of tips and information has been offered to the visitors:

    • Presentations of Multivac, Bizerba and KRONEN, which complement one another with their range of products offering sophisticated customer solutions from “top to toe”.
    • Presentation and demonstration of the vertical form, fill & seal machine CP 300 (convincing by its versatility and compact design) and other KRONEN machines by Johannes Günther, Sales Director of KRONEN.
    • Presentation and discussion about the latest findings regarding the processing of freshcut products by Juan Lindmayer, KRONEN Area Sales Manager Latin America.
    • Visit to a new processing company providing 40 t of product to hotels & restaurants as well as catering, guided by Cristian Ibacache (Product Manager KRONEN, Multivac Chile).
    • At the end, there was a lively exchange of information and opinion, accompanied by culinary creations of Giancarlo Mazzarelli, wellknown head chef of the restaurant Puerto Fuy (Santiago de Chile).

    ANUGA 2013: The new KRONEN dipping bath KDB 120 !

    KDB_Apfelsegmente_D_o_rgb3 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    KRONEN GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik presents its new KDB 120 dipping bath at Anuga in Cologne:

    The new KDB 120 dipping bath has been developed for final treatment of peeled or cut fruits or vegetables. It is the dipping bath with the smallest fill quantity on the market !

    By application of e.g. Nature Seal®, other liquids or water soluable powders a prolongation of shelf life and, consequently, increase of product quality will be achieved.

    Only the Best is good enough ...

    Vortex_Linie_GS10_GEWA3800BPLUS_K50_HalleLGV_R_h_rgb3bearb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    … true to this motto, „LGV Frischgemüse Wien“ supplies fresh vegetables and salads to its customer throughout Austria. Starting June 2013, the company will offer freshcut salads which will be produced in a newly built production facility near Vienna.

    We have made the decision to invest in a professional salad processing line from Kronen. Characteristics like innovative machine technology, solution-focused know-how and the excellent quality really convinced us." says LGV-Director Mag. Gerald König.

    Delivery of the complete processing line includes a belt cutting machine GS 10, a washing machine GEWA 3800B PLUS, a Vortex-line and 3 spin dryers K50-100S. In this combination, approx. 800 kg / h of various salads will be processed:

    • Belt cutting machine GS 10: Trimming + slicing of salad (for various mixed salads)
    • Washing machine GEWA 3800B PLUS: Gentle washing of freshcut salad, lamb's lettuce as well as whole-leaf Lollo rosso and Lollo verde
    • Vortex-Line: For final treatment stage - The longer, controlled contact times during the washing process allow reduction of germs and increasing shelf life and quality of the processed products. (Length of tube system: 71 m, dwell time of products: approx. 120 sec.)
    • Spin dryer K50-100S: Gentle spin drying of salads
    • Various, efficient accessories such as trimming table, basket carrousel, infeed and outfeed conveyor belts are optimally integrated and, therefore, a fully continuous operation is ensured.

    On-site installation of the salad processing line (picture 1 + 3) Mr.. S. Graicher + Mr. Lunzer, Production Mgr. LCG + LGV, in the centre of the picture Mr. J. Günther, Sales Director KRONEN (picture 2)

    Vortex: Salad processing line / Lamb's lettuce:

    Professional salad processing line for washing (with GEWA 3800B PLUS) lamb's lettuce, the pre-washed product will be flushed gently into the Vortex system for final treatment stage. The longer, controlled contact times during the washing process allow reduction of germs and increasing shelf life and quality of the processed lettuce.
    Capacity: 800 kg /h

    Vortex: Salad processing line / Lollo rosso:

    Professional salad processing line for washing (with GEWA 3800B PLUS) Lollo rosso, the pre-washed product will be flushed gently into the Vortex system for final treatment stage. The longer, controlled contact times during the washing process allow reduction of germs and increasing shelf life and quality of the processed lettuce.
    Capacity: 800 kg /h

    Process automation for complex lines13

    Prozessvisualisierung_Linie_S_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    A standardized KRONEN central control system is now available offering an optimal cost-to-benefit ratio.

    For use in networked processing lines the central control provides many advantages:

    1. These process visualisation components allow to promptly locate maintenance messages or error messages.
    2. In case of product queuing, the system automatically stops upstream machines and avoids the waste of valuable raw material.

    'Antique' KRONEN GS 10 machine shines in a 'new light'

    GS10 cutting machine   a f t e r  restauration - like new! | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Beginning of this year, a fully operational cutting machine GS 10 - 20 years old - has been thoroughly inspected, maintained and repaired by our customer service center.

    This machine provided 20 years of reliable service, thus proving the high quality and longevity of our KRONEN machines. The general overhaul carried out by the KRONEN service team turns what is old into something "like new" - well prepared for the challenges of the next years and decades!


    KRONENKalender2013_Deckblatt | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Recien salido de la imprenta, KRONEN presenta su propio calendario 2013.

    Kronen es un fabricante mundialmente reconocido por la alta calidad de las máquinas para el proceso de lechugas, vegetales y frutas. Es por tanto natural que presentemos un almanaque conteniendo deliciosas recetas hechas primordialmente con vegetales, con ideas nuevas para el año.

    Los chefs Wolfgang Blum y Andreas Eigner han creado platos exquisitos con ingredientes de temporada que son los adecuados para satisfacer el sentido del gusto.

    Jorg Wilhelm es el fotógrafo que ha logrado una perfecta presentación de los resultados. Al destacar los productos frescos, nuevamente nos demuestra el espíritu fresco, el entusiasmo y la creatividad de nuestros ingenieros para desarrollar soluciones a los requerimientos de nuestros clientes – tal cual lo venimos haciendo desde hace 30 años.

    El nuevo ALMANAQUE KRONEN 2013 puede ser adquirido ahora por Eu 19,50 más gastos de envío. (Enviar correo a: info@kronen.eu)

    A partir de enero 2013 estaremos publicando recetas creativas en nuestro NEWSLETTER mensual.

    Temas, perspectivas, tendencias – exitosos Días del Cliente en Kronen en Kehl !

    SN100_Kundentag_Sept2012_P_o_rgb1 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Con motivo de los encuentros Días del Representante Kronen el 26 – 27 de setiembre y el subsiguiente Día del Cliente Kronen el 28 de setiembre 2012, hemos reunido a más de 150 visitantes de más de 30 países de todos los continentes de la Tierra. Stephan Zillgith, Gerente General, y su equipo Kronen presentaron a expertos nacionales e internacionales las novedades tecnológicas para el proceso de frutas, vegetales y lechugas.

    Se hizo especial hincapié en reproducir condiciones de producción reales en las propias instalaciones de Kronen, para demostrar en vivo los equipos para la preparación, corte, lavado, desinfección, secado, pelado y empaque de alimentos y la instrumentación de soluciones aplicadas específicamente para nuestros clientes.

    Con gran interés, los clientes han tomado conocimiento de estas informaciones, con el objetivo común de mejorar cualitativamente sus productos finales, logrando mayores eficiencias y llegando a la comercializacion en condiciones más favorables. Se han hecho presentaciones especiales y ejemplos de aplicaciones de, entre otros:

    • Presentación de la nueva Cortadora GS 20 y la nueva tecnología para el corte exacto de frutas y vegetales GS 10 TTS
    • Preparación de lechugas altamente eficiente y con poco personal con la TT 450, cortadora de base y extremos
    • Presentación de la renovada Cubeteadora y cortadora de bastoncitos KUJ y sus prestaciones
    • Vortex y sus beneficios para el postlavado y desinfección de vegetales delicados
    • WMS Waste Management Solutions – soluciones para el manejo de desperdicios orgánicos
    • Bases y funcionamiento para sistemas de medición y dosificación para las lavadoras GEWA
    • Trabajo con peladoras de productos largos como pepinos, zanahorias y espárragos en la TMS-Solo-Line
    • Nuevas ideas para la optimización de producción de productos frescos con Foodlife: secadora por aire y vacío SDS 5000, llenadora Flexfill 200
    • Alternativas para el pesado y empaque en bolsas en envasadoras verticales GKS
    • Proceso de frutas para consumo fresco, con el máximo tiempo de conservación y trato delicado – Peladora de mangos FP 20
    El programa se redondeó con presentaciones especializadas de empresas asociadas que cooperan con Kronen completar las opciones para nuestros clientes.

    Junto a las interesantes charlas y presentaciones, se ha tenido cuidado en mantener un vínculo agradable entre el fabricante y el usuario de nuestras maquinarias. Como buen anfitrión, Kronen invitó a los visitantes a programas de entretenimiento típicos de la región recreativa de Baden y Alsacia.

    Stephan Zillgith realizó una crítica positiva en retrospectiva sobre el evento: “Ha sido un éxito. Nos ha dado gran satisfacción el interés demostrado por nuestras tecnologías y poder darle alternativas actuales y variadas a nuestros clientes, mostrando creatividad, innovación y productividad en nuestra empresa”.

    Todo lo que hemos preparado para estos días ha sido aprovechado – y esto es ya una tradición de Kronen en Kehl – para realizar el Día de la Familia, al día siguiente, un día de puertas abiertas para los trabajadores y sus familias. Se complementó el programa de demostraciones de máquinas con actividades para niños, tales como campeonatos de globos, pintarse la cara y otros juegos, en los que participaron mas de 180 personas, entre colaboradores y sus familias.

    El feedback positivo de todos los participantes e invitados ha confirmado, también este año, lo exitoso de realizar estas jornadas anuales, que se han consolidado en una Feria Interna Kronen que despierta sumo interés para todos.

    VORTEX-line for germ reduction + prolongation of shelf life of fresh-cut products

    Vortex_ohne_GEWA_geteilt_R_h_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    The Vortex line has been developed for the final treatment of vegetables (including leaf salads and root products) and fruit (e.g. apples, grapes).

    The line features a tubular system with infeed and discharge openings. The pre-cleaned products (fruit or vegetables) are transported into a hopper. Rotating nozzles located at the side gently and reliably flush the products into the system. The product is conveyed with water through the entire length of the tube and finally discharged. The products are moved on to a transport or vibration belt via a water slide. For germ reduction purposes and for enhancing the quality and shelf life of the products, chlorine dioxide or antioxidants can be added to the flushing water. The required contact time can be adjusted and controlled via the flow rate.

    As all KRONEN-machines and lines, the Vortex-line is constructed in a very solid way and, therefore, particularly suitable for operation under very difficult conditions.

    Optional dosing station: to dose and control a suitable additive for product treatment in the water cycle

    With a major order from a renowned European salad processing company, KRONEN can celebrate another success for its international growth strategy. Actually, the 4 Vortex washing lines have been delivered to the major customer mid July 2011.

    NEW: Automatic KRONEN Weighing Belt System!

    Wiegebandanlage für das exakte Herstellen von Salatmischungen | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    KRONEN sustains growth momentum:

    Two renowned German salad processing companies already benefit from the innovative KRONEN washing and processing technique in combination with the newly developed automatic weighing belt system. Last Autumn the complete lines have been supplied to allow customers a precise, continuous and automatic dosing of salad and cabbage; a thorough blending of the products takes place in the following GEWA washing machine,

    Mainly Iceberg, Frisee, radicchio and other leafy lettuces with capacities of 1300 - 1400 kg per hour are processed adding a mixture of 5 - 45 % (depending on produce). Dosing sliced cabbage but also other products such as carrot sticks, shall be provided automatically always in the same mixture ratio. The advantages are obvious: Automatic operation and, thereby savings in personnel, continuous weighing process without belt stop on mainproduct, storage of production data (statistics), etc.

    Managing Director Stephan Zillgith explains the function of this advanced weighing belt technology:

    “The master belt (weighing belt at main line) is weighing the main product and providing the mixture quantity to the second weighing belt. Via touch panel recipes can be selected, stored and managed. Daily output quantities, batch quantities, backwards counter and plain text error messages are also displayed. Stand-alone-operation and cleaning mode has been considered as well. The weighing belts with buffer belt will be controlled by a separate switch box. The filling level of the buffer belt will be monitored by an optic sensor and the operating status.

    All important production data can be stored on a CF-card directly via touch panel. Actual data can be monitored on a PC and further processed for e.g. compilation and administration of recipes, etc.“

    Autumn Customer Days at KRONEN: 20-22 October 2011

    TT450_Kundentag_Sept2010_P_o_bearb_rbg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Autumn Customer Days at KRONEN – Insight in a German company of top technology

    We have pleasure in inviting all customers and interested processors to our premises in Kehl.

    We are sure that we can demonstrate many interesting KRONEN novelties coming along with presentations of some of our system partners (dosing technology, packaging machines,Nature Seal® - shelf -life extension technolgy, hygiene and cleaning, etc.

    We present following machines:

    • GEWA 3850 T PLUS Washing machine

      for raisins and dried fruits

    • TT 450 Top & Tail Machine

      perfectly suited for coring lettuce with flat stem (e.g. Frisee, Endive/Escarole, Romaine/Cos) and cutting leaf tips

    • FLOW Packaging machine (GKS) -

      the next generation vertical form, fill and seal machine - with intuitive graphical user interface, automatic marker and print adjustment, etc.

    • UP 300 "Maxvac" Vacuum-Packaging machine (GKS)

      vertical form, fill and seal packaging machine with patented vacuum mechanism

    • Flexfill

      volume based dosing of different products, combinable with weighing system, infeed system by tray denester and chain belt

    • Central control panels & weighing belts for complete processing lines
    • Vortex-Line

      Washing and germ reduction technolgies for fresh cut products

    • AS 16 Apple processing in industrial scale
    • GS 10-TTS Belt cutting machine

      exact cutting of fruits and vegetables

    • CABRO Floretting machine

      for a gentle processing of broccoli and cauliflower while cutting them into nice florets, coring of Iceberg lettuce

    • and many more !

    Entrega de 4 sistemas VORTEX a un cliente importante europeo

    VORTEX Waschanlage mit Eisbergsalat | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    KRONEN tiene otro éxito en su estrategia de crecimiento internacional con una orden importante de 4 sistemas VORTEX completas de parte de una empresa europea de procesadora de lechugas. Las sistemas eran entregados a mediados de julio al cliente.

    Ha sido desarrollado con el propósito de dar un tratamiento posterior a productos previamente lavados (como diversos vegetales y frutas: lechugas, tubérculos, manzanas, uvas, etc.). Este proceso tiene dos objetivos: reducir la cantidad de gérmenes e incrementa la preservación de los productos tratados.

    Una de las características principales es su estructura tubular (un ducto con 150mm Ø interior). El proceso comienza cuando el producto entra a la tolva de alimentación en donde por medio de boquillas laterales, que crean una corriente espiral, lo integran gentil y enteramente al torrente de agua, misma que lo conduce a la salida. Este proceso dura de 1 a 3 minutos (dependiendo del producto). La entrega de producto tratado puede efectuarse por medio de una placa de vibración o de una banda transportadora.

    Vortex tiene una estructura modular y compacta. Al requerir poco espacio se integra flexiblemente a las instalaciones del usuario y se puede adaptar sin complicación a líneas de producción existentes. Toda la tubería se desmonta rápida y fácilmente. El sistema VORTEX, como todos los productos de KRONEN, es de construcción sólida y apta para trabajar bajo condiciones severas.

    OPCIONAL -Estación dosificadora–: Es posible adaptar un dispositivo dosificador, el cual puede administrar aditivos (por ejemplo antioxidantes) además de regular y controlar valores.

    Link: Vortex

    Gold-GS 10: Winnings information...

    Nilofar Bijanfar bei der GS10-Losziehung zusammen mit den Geschäftsführern R.H. + S. Zillgith sowie Walter Raub (eidel + partner) | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    We are delighted about the resoundingly positive fair experience at Fruit Logistica in Berlin (9-11 February 2011)

    The presentation of the 2011th GS10 "golden" belt cutting machine proved to be a special highlight. This machine - a multipurpose cutting machine for salads, vegetables and fruits has now been raffled among the participants.

    The closing date was 31 March 2011. The very next day, the raffle took place at the KRONEN premises in Kehl am Rhein, under the supervision of Mr. Walter Raub of "eidel & partner, auditing company". The happy winner has been drawn by "Lady Luck" Nilofar Bijanfar:

    Fa. Bördelagerhaus GmbH

    Hr. Wilfried Kunze, in 39297 Kroppenstedt

    We congratulate Mr. Kunze to his first prize!

    We would like to thank all participants who took part in our exclusive price draw.

    FRUIT LOGISTICA: join the big GS 10 price draw!

    2011-te Gold-GS10-Bandschneidemaschine | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Just in time of the Fruit Logistica 2011 in Berlin KRONEN GmbH will have a big event to celebrate: the 2011th „Belt cutting machine GS 10“ – worldwide top selling belt cutting machine of its class – will be presented as GOLD model. In order to celebrate this success with their customers Kronen will raffle this machine.

    The most successful, long performing „GS 10” its the ultimate all-purpose belt cutting machine. It is ideal for use in large kitchens, catering and industrial applications. With its revolving knife the GS10 achieves precise, consistent results. Due to the variable size adjustment of 1 to 50 mm with digital display, the GS 10 is ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

    It is equipped with a new and user friendly program control; knife speed and conveyor speed are programmable and, moreover, up to 100 arbitrary memories are available.

    The GS 10 slices delicate leaf-salad products and herbs like chives, dill, parsley, etc. It also grates and shreds raw vegetables, fruit, cheese, bread and many more products. Blade changes can be made fast and easy, the cut sizes can be adjusted via keypad. Capacity: up to 800 kg/h.

    Special mention must be made of its varied fields of application in industrial environments with their specific demands. There is hardly any other machine on the market that has such a wide range of accessories such as knives, dicing & segmenting tools, infeed & outfeed belts, preparation tables, etc.

    GS10 are in use worldwide, e.g. cutting seaweed on the Russian Sachalin-islands, dicing mangos in Thailand, slicing surimi and chicken meat for sandwiches in France, cutting chives into rings in Northern France and Israel, slicing salmon and herring into bites in Iceland, slicing pineapple in Indonesia, slicing radishes in China, and a series of other things.

    With the new 2D-square cut knives the cutting quality and the cutting capacity are considerably improved: perfect square cuts of lettuce can be cut with this new knife. Chinese cabbage, Iceberg lettuce, Romana, etc. can be processed up to 1000 kg. With its 1400 sold machines all over the world the GS 10 is the most sold machine of its class.

    Based on the proven technique of the world wide most sold belt slicer GS10 the GS 10 TTS belt cutting machine has been developed to be able to control the cut size and minimize the waste on product cut in combination with the horizontal out feed belt.

    With measuring the product size the GS 10 TTS is able to eliminate waste on specific cuts and reduce it to a minimum on others. The cutting is controlled by a PLC and allows the machine to adjust the cut to the product size and the customer’s specification to achieve the minimum waste on applications like melon chunks, pineapple tid bits, chicken breast slices and many others.

    The GS 10 TTS offers as well the possibility to Top & Tail product and even slice product at the same time to the customer’s specification.

    If the special application of the GS 10 TTS is not needed the machine can in addition be used just as a standard GS 10 belt slicer to shred lettuce or carrots, to dice tomato or strip cut cucumbers. A variety of accessories like cutting discs, conveyor belts and trimming tables are available. The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and can easily be cleaned and maintained.

    At FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin Kronen will be exhibiting some new machines as well as a wide range of its machine programme.

    At stand A-07 in hall 3.1 customers and interested people can get a picture of the latest developments. Kronen will present improvements and novelties for increase in productivity and quality in the fields of process technology

    • CABRO SL Broccoli- & cauliflower floretting machine - NEW

      perfectly suited for a gentle processing of broccoli and cauliflower while cutting them into nice florets

    • GEWA 3800V PLUS Paprika washing & sorting machine - NEW (Video)

      with automatic separation method for washing sliced paprika and sorting cores and kernels

    • TT 450 Top- & tail-machine - NEW (Video)

      for coring lettuce with flat stem and cutting leaf tips

    • GS 10 TTS Belt cutting machine with PLC

      controlling the cut size and minimizing the waste on product cut

    • AS 16 Apple peeling & slicing machine - NEW

      for peeling, slicing or segmenting & coring apples

    • FP 20 Mango peeler - NEW

      for peeling mangos according to the „economy peeling principle“ (reducing the waste rate considerably)

    • The SK 205 Peeling machine will get a new name: TMS 210.

      Effective immediately, it will be available in 3 versions:

      TMS 210-A: for peeling asparagus - NEW

      TMS 210-C: for peeling carrots and cucumbers - NEW

      TMS 210-Vario - NEW: for peeling asparagus, carrots and cucumbers and other long produce, equipped with 2 roller sets and 2 peeling sets

    Washing & sorting of sliced paprika

    PaprikaGEWA3800VPLUS_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    One of the strong points of KRONEN lie in its ability to respond to customers individual requirements, implementing further developments and appropriate adaptions.

    The latest innovation product is the PAPRIKA-washing machine GEWA 3800V PLUS, it has been specially designed for washing sliced paprika and sorting cores and kernels.

    Due to the automatic special separation method different kinds of paprika (diced or sliced) can be processed.

    By means of a sophisticated water streaming system the waste and good product are separated thus saving extensive costs. The machine can easily be adjusted, e.g. for various kinds of paprika. Furthermore, it can be used as a standard washing machine by easily lifting up the link conveyor. A production output of approx. 1500 - 2000 kg per hour can be processed.

    The standard design of the paprika washing machine includes WMS and sand trap funnels.

    As all KRONEN-machines and lines, the PAPRIKA-washing machine is constructed in a very solid way and, therefore, particularly suitable for professional operation under difficult conditions.


    Top- und Tail-Maschine TT450 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    La recientemente desarrollada cortadora de extremos TT450 es ideal para descorazonar lechugas con tallo plano (p. e. Frisee, Endivia/Escarola, Romana/Cos) y cortar las puntas de las hojas.

    Permite – con una mejora simultánea del rendimiento de hasta el 6% - un considerable incremento en productividad de hasta 110% por persona (Frisee y Endivia/Escarola).

    La TT450 se caracteriza por su fácil manejo:

    • El operario (posible 2 personas) coloca las cabezas de lechuga sobre la cinta automática de alimentación.
    • La lechuga será conducida a las cuchillas de corte y es colocada en su lugar por unos soportes para una guía correcta y delicada.
    • El corazón y las puntas de las hojas son cortadas en un solo paso, que será necesario con hojas secas o decoloración marrón. La longitud del tallo (10-60 mm) y de las puntas de las hojas (120 – 450 mm) puede ser ajustada. Se pueden elegir ambas funciones juntas o sólo el descorazonado.


    Salatverarbeitungslinie zum Waschen, Schneiden und Trocknen von bis zu 2t/h Eisbergsalat | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Julio 2010: en KRONEN diseñamos, manufacturmos y entregamos una lína procesadora de ensaladas de capacidad extraordinaria. El cliente, una cadena de Fast-Food en Turquía, podrá procesar (lavar, cortar, mezclar y centrifugar) hasta 2 toneladas de productos por hora!

    Características significativas:

    • FILTRO DE ARENAS: Con este accesorio se optimiza el lavado de productos muy sucios. En combinación con el SISTEMA DIRECCIONAL DE AGUAS (WMS, por su siglas en inglés) es factible descargar parcialmente el filtro, de manera continua y automática, dando como resultado una regeneración permanente del agua de lavado.
    • INCORPORACIÓN PROPORCIONADA DE PRODUCTO: La báscula integrada a la banda transportadora del flujo de producto principal va pesando los productos permanentemente y permite que una segunda transportadora incorpore al flujo otro tipo de producto (de 5 a 40%). Resultado: los productos se mezclan, en las lavadoras, regular y automáticamente.
    Este tipo de líneas de producción combinan entendidamente las ventajas que ofrece la más moderna tecnología. El usuario obtiene la máxima rentabilidad al poder emplear destacadamente los beneficios de la más recientes técnicas de control y regulación de la línea así como del manejo de sus productos (cambio de productos, proporciones, etc.) Para operar la línea se requiere de un mínimo de personal.

    Salad processing & mixing line up to 2t/h: washing, cutting, spin drying:

    The biggest salad processing line manufactured by KRONEN until now! This salad processing line washes, cuts, centrifuges and packages different salads (up to 2 to per hour). Further technical highlights of this line are:

    • Sand trap: this sedimentation unit allows an optimal and thorough washing of even very soiled products! In combination with the WMS (water management system), an automatic part-drainage at regular intervals and consequently a permanent regeneration of the washing water can be assured.
    • Proportional product addition: the permanent weighing of the main product allows an adjustable addition of a second product at a ratio of 5 – 40% and thus provides automatic production of mixed salads.
    With this salad line and its modern control technology, change of products and adjustment of product mix ratio, all this with a minimal staff employment, are a mere child’s play.

    More information: http://www.kronen.eu.

    Lo MÁS RECIENTE para las LAVADORAS GEWA PLUS:Recolector de Arenas

    GEWA5000VPLUS_WMS mit Sandfang | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik



    A partir de ahora será posible adaptar –opcionalmente– a todas las LAVADORAS GEWA-PLUS de KRONEN un accesorio moderno y provechoso: el nuevo Recolector de Arenas.

    Diseñado especialmente para lavar eficiente y razonablemente productos que contienen una gran cantidad de suciedad (barro, lodo, arena, etc.), por ejemplo, canónigos y otras lechugas.

    Tenemos disponibles 2 versiones del Recolector de Arenas:

    • Con control manual: el proceso de descarga del recolector procede abriendo manualmente la válvula de bola
    • Control automático: la descarga del recolector se efectua automáticamente por medio de una válvula neumática. Los ciclos, tiempos, etc. de descarga se son programables.
    Optimización de costos procesales: Además de que simultáneamente se mejora la calidad y se prolonga la conservación del producto, este accesorio optimiza sus costos:

    1) Arenas y partículas de desperdicios son separadas por medio de las 2 zonas de separación.

    2) El proceso de descarga se puede realizar aun cuando la máquina esté trabajando.

    3) La opción de descarga automática ayuda a reducir costos de personal.

    El Recolector de Arenas puede ser adaptado a las LAVADORAS-GEWA-PLUS en las instalaciones de KRONEN.

    Dias de la fruta del 179 al 19 Mayo May 2010

    Obsttage bei Kronen - Mai 2010 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Del 17 al 19 de mayo tuviero lugar en Kronen los primeros “dias de la fruta” para la información al cliente.

    La oferta de poder apreciar en esos 3 dias la diversidad de posibilidades de como elaborar la fruta con nuevas máquinas fue muy apreciado por muchos clientes e interesados tanto del país como del extranjero.

    Los invitados vieron los nuevos productos KRONEN en interesantes demostraciones: en la gran e iluminada sala de exposición fueron presentadas y demostradas en directo las inovativas maquinas de contínuo de elaboración de la fruta.

    • El pelador de manzana automático AS 16- para pelar, cortar a rodajas, segmentar o desenhuesar hasta 2000 manzanas la hora. Esta máquina es apta para la la continuación de elaboración de las manzanas de diferentes tamaños (60- 120 mm de diametro). Además se caracteriza por la rápida posibilidad para cambiar herramientas. Como de costumbre esta máquina de KRONEN tiene una estructura sólida, eficiente y fácilmente limpiable y gracias a eso perferctamente apta para el uso profesional.
    • El pelador automático de naranjas CS XL, para pelar, deshuesar y Top & Tailen, tanto como cortar a rodajas o aros. Corta hasta 1400 naranjas la hora. La CS XL garantiza una óptima calidad de las naranjas. La profundidad del corte y el tamaño del producto son modificables, es decir, gracias a tecnología sensorial toda fruta es mesurada y asi se limita la cantidad de residuos. La máquina les posibilita a los subministradores de la fruta una entrega de fruta fresca y lista para el uso en supermercados y cantinas.
    • La máquina para cortar en banda GS 10- comandable a la exactitud, sin residuos de la fruta (como melones y piñas) es posible gracias a la medida sensorial de la fruta y una velocidad regulada al cortar. Segun como esté programada la máquina, esta puede cortar de 30 a 50 frutas (según el tamaño) por minuto. Gracias a una cuchilla especial la fruta se puede cortar además en trozos pequeños listos para el consumo. Esta máquina GS 10 además se presentó con una banda horizontal semiextraible que posibilita la extracción de la fruta de forma limpia y cuidadosa.
    • La nueva máquina para cortar Tona S180 K para fruta y verdura con una capacidad de 1200 piezas por hora es la hermana compacta y muy eficiente de la Tona rapid (capacidad de 4800 piezas por hora). Manzanas, zanahorias, tomates, patatas etc se pueden convertir en rodajas, Sticks y figuras. De forma estándar la máquina esta equipada con un soporte móvil. Con un encaje especial se pueden separar las manzanas de su corazón.
    El anfitrión Stephan Zillgith presenta una conclusión positiva: “ el evento fue un éxito. Me alegro especialmente del gran interés de nuestros clientes en las nuevas máquinas presentadas y las muchas “fértiles” conversaciones”


    TonaS180K_NEU_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Una verdadera INNOVACIÓN: KRONEN ha lanzado al mercado la nueva PROCESADORA DE FRUTAS Y VEGETALES TONA S180K.

    Esta máquina cortadora especial tiene una capacidad de producción de hasta 1,200 piezas por hora. Es una versión compacta de nuestra distinguida TONA RAPID (cap. 4,800 pcs/h).

    Con la TONA S180K es posible procesar manzanas, zanahorias, tomates, papas y muchos otros productos, obteniendo cortes perfectos como, gajos, rebanadas, bastones y diversos diseños.

    Es de operación sencilla: solo hay que colocar producto (frutas o vegetales) en los colectores de la fuente (mesa) rotativa, el producto colocado va avanzando automáticamente hacia la sección de corte.

    Los colectores de la TONA S180K están equipados con 16 sujetadores (de plástico especial de color azul) los cuales aseguran que las frutas y vegetales sean centrados fija pero delicadamente. Solo se requiere de 1 accesorio de corte y de 1 empujador para efectuar el proceso, esto representa un gran beneficio.

    Además contamos con una gran variedad de accesorios de corte:

  • gajos y rebanadas
  • 2 a 24 separadores con/sin pincho central
  • -
  • parrilla para bastones
  • -
  • disponibles también, bajo requisito particular, otros accesorios especiales

    La versión estándar de la TONA S180K incluye una base movible. Opcionalmente se puede colocar, en la parte inferior de la máquina, un recipiente (para cachar producto cortado) o una banda transportadora (para acarrear producto cortado hacia un proceso posterior).

    Además, también opcional, se puede adaptar un Separador de Producto o una Banda Transportadora. Como todas las máquinas KRONEN, la TONA S180K ha sido construída con ingeniería innovativa y es apta para emplearse profesionalmente.

    Abtropfzeiten von Dosenwaren für die Feinkostindustrie erheblich verringert

    K50-7S_100S_Zentrifuge_offen_M_h_rgb_h268 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    „K50 und Eco Zentrifugen“ - zum Trocknen und Abschleudern aller Gemüse wie z.B. Lauch, Paprika, Karotten, Gurken, Zwiebeln, Pilze, Ananas, usw. Zur gründlichen Trocknung von knackigen Salaten wie Endivien, Kopfsalat, Eisberg- oder Feldsalat und zur schonenden Trocknung von empfindlichen Kräutern. In der Feinkostindustrie werden die Abtropfzeiten von Dosenwaren wie z.B. Krabben, Ananas, Thunfisch oder Pilzen erheblich verringert. Die Eco Zentrifugen sind mit einer Geschwindigkeit (600 oder 900 U/min), mit hochwertigem Transparent-Kunststoffdeckel erhältlich. Die K 50 Zentrifugen sind mit 7 Geschwindigkeiten, stufenlos regelbar, mit hochwertigem Transparent-Kunststoffdeckel oder als Schrägdeckelzentrifuge mit niedriger Einfüllhöhe lieferbar. Mit Hilfe der Programmierbarkeit (100 Speicherplätze) lässt sich bei der K 50-100S Zentrifuge die Schleudergeschwindigkeit und –dauer optimal an das jeweilige Produkt anpassen. Durch die offene Bauweise komplett aus Edelstahl ist eine schnelle und gründliche Reinigung garantiert. Zubehör: Das Korbkarussell ist ein effizientes Bindeglied zwischen der KRONEN-Zentrifuge und den KRONEN-Waschmaschinen der Serie GEWA. Das Korbkarussell gewährleistet einen kontinuierlichen Arbeitsablauf, vereinfacht den Korbwechsel und fängt möglichen Produktüberlauf in der Edelstahlwanne auf.

    La cortadora de cubos y bastones KUJ corta productos delicados

    KUJ_Wuerfelschneider_neu_ M_o_rbg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik
    inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/KUJ_Wuerfelschneider_ mitFrequenzumrichter_M_f_rbg_5077.png&w=220&h=2200inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/KUJ_mitFrequenzumrichter_Schaltkastenpanel_228x268_M_o_rgb_6226.jpg&w=220&h=2200


    ¡LO MÁS RECIENTE! Durante la ANUGA 2009 presentamos la nueva versión de nuestra


    Permite ajustar hasta 7 velocidades para procesar productos delicados como cebollas, pimientos, salmón (ligeramente congelado), tomates o calabacines o productos sensibles como fresas, o hervidos como papas, betabel, etc. También es posible obtener el corte ondulado.

    KUJ cortadora de dados KRONEN de gran rendimiento, se obtienen bastoncitos de 2 a 20mm y dados de 3 a 20mm con capacidad de hasta 3,000 kg/hora, resultados exacto y excelente calidad.

    Cortadora GS10 con nuevo Panel de Control

    GS10_Bandschneidemaschine_Bedienfeld_neu_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    GS10: la cortadora con banda transportadora integrada, multifuncional y duradera. De gran utilidad para las empresas dedicadas al catering, cocinas industriales, etc. La GS10 ofrece un corte fino y exacto. El producto se coloca en la banda de suministro y es conducido a las cuchillas de corte. Procesa las hojas de los diferentes tipos de lechuga y productos delicados como hierbas finas (cebollinos, eneldo, perejil, etc.). Además cuenta con una gran variedad de discos, con los que se logran una gran diversidad de cortes: tiras finas (tipo juliana), bastoncitos, dados, rodajas o rebanadas onduladas y rallado. El grosor de corte es ajustable. Tiene la capacidad de procesar hasta 800 kg/h. También tenemos disponible una cuchilla especial para la obtención de laminitas (incrementando la capacidad hasta 1,000 kg/h en productos como lechuga eisberg o romana y col china). Durante la exhibición ANUGA 2009 KRONEN presentó orgullosamente la más reciente versión de la GS10 con su nuevo Panel de Control, por medio del cual se puede ajustar individualmente y sin complicación, las velocidades tanto de la cuchilla como de la banda y cuenta con espacio para memorizar hasta 100 programas, satisfaciendo así las necesidades de cada producto. En su tipo, es la mejor vendida: más de 1,400 en todo el mundo, GS10 es evidentemente ¡la más exitosa!

    Fiesta de inauguración de la nueva nave

    Das neue Ersatzteillager in der neuen KRONEN-Halle | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Después de cinco meses de construcción, el pasado 11 de Septiembre Kronen festejó la inauguración de su nueva nave industrial. La celebración de apertura fue coronada con la presentación –en la nave– del grupo PianoVocal que junto con la Orquesta de Baden ofrecieron un concierto de Pop&Clasic excelente. Sylvie Rendler, representante de la empresa constructora, entregó simbólicamente la llave de la nave –hecha con pan de levadura- a los dueños Rudolf-Hans y Stephan Zillgith.